How See Me Rolling is Offsetting Carbon Emissions

See Me Rolling partners with Gron Energy Solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet. By using FEROX fuel tabs, See Me Rolling is able to maximize their truck’s fuel consumption and significantly lowers harmful emissions. These benefits are contributing factors to a cleaner, greener environment anywhere people might see them rolling. 


The Story of Gron Energy Solutions

Gron Energy Solutions is a wholesale distributor that represents manufacturers who make products that are good for the environment, society, and our health. They want to be part of the solution today for a brighter and cleaner tomorrow. Some of Gron Energy’s current offerings include EV solutions, solar electricity panels, fuel catalysts, portable solar generators, and LED smart lighting products. 

Gron Energy Solutions also sells FEROX products, including their fuel tabs. FEROX is a catalyst additive that, when added to fuel, promotes a more complete and efficient combustion process and helps the environment by reducing the amount of contaminants and smoke expelled. FEROX Fuel Tablets and Powders have treated five billion gallons of fuel worldwide since just 2009. 

Why has See Me Rolling Partnered with Gron Energy Solutions

See Me Rolling contacted Gron Energy Solutions after reading an article they posted on LinkedIn. The article was about the significant reduction of harmful pollutant emissions that is a direct result of treating fuel with FEROX. “Tom [See Me Rolling’s President] reached out to me when he learned that another mobile advertising company was using FEROX in their fleet to reduce their carbon footprint on all of their campaigns,” details John Anderson, Owner at Gron Energy Solutions. See Me Rolling quickly purchased FEROX fuel tabs for their fleet.

“I was very impressed with See Me Rolling’s interest in doing all they can to make sure their fleet is running as green as possible. They are very interested in conservation and are actively working to do MORE than their part." - John Anderson, Gron Energy Solutions

Expected Results

See Me Rolling can expect a reduction in harmful emissions between 65% and 84% on each treated tank of fuel. Other benefits of using FEROX Fuel Tabs include extending the life of the engine oil, spark plugs, and filters in their trucks and increasing mileage between 7% and 22%.  All of these improvements are contributing factors to supporting a cleaner and greener environment. 

Contact See Me Rolling and request a quote to see how their strategies and Mobile LED Trucks can drive your business. 

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