Feb 24, 2024

How See Me Rolling Offers Consistent Value for PeoplesBank

PeoplesBank is a local community bank with 22 financial centers and 7 retirement community offices serving the southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland areas. Marketing Officer, Tricia Slagel, trusts See Me Rolling to enhance PeoplesBank’s advertising campaigns and is impressed with the high impact advertising opportunity.

The Story of PeoplesBank

Established in 1864, PeoplesBank is focused on offering a refreshing and distinct client experience. PeoplesBank is known for serving as financial mentors for their clients by focusing conversations on their goals, dreams, priorities, and needs in order to develop the best solutions possible. Also deeply dedicated to the communities they serve, PeoplesBank has recently given $1.57 million to 123 local organizations. Don’t just take their word for it, PeoplesBank was recognized as 2023’s Best Bank by readers of the York Daily Record.  PeoplesBank does this all while offering the vast capabilities of a large bank.

Why PeoplesBank Chooses See Me Rolling

See Me Rolling has deep roots in the areas they live and work and the clients they partner with. PeoplesBank’s Tricia Slagel, said,

“We’ve been working with them [owners of See Me Rolling] for years and trust their advice. Why not try something different?”.

PeoplesBank advertised on static mobile billboards in the past but prefers See Me Rolling. “It’s much more cost effective and See Me Rolling definitely grabs more attention.” 

Whether their campaign is for auto loans, business solutions, or bank events, PeoplesBank can easily provide, update, and rotate messaging on See Me Rolling’s trucks. PeoplesBank trusts See Me Rolling’s expertise in knowing the best market spots to reach their target audience. “Tom and Jamie [owners of See Me Rolling] know our locations.'' says Tricia, referencing the bank’s focus on the Lancaster market and the strategy to park a truck near a popular fast-food chain. 

The Results

Tricia says working with See Me Rolling is “seamless and ridiculously easy”, and they continue to be incredibly happy with the results. Not only do they receive a monthly report with where See Me Rolling drove or parked, for how long, and pictures of their placements, PeoplesBank regularly receives added value by way of additional hours of placement on the trucks. See Me Rolling continues to help increase PeoplesBank’s brand exposure and recognition of their campaigns. 

Contact See Me Rolling and request a quote to see how their strategies and Mobile LED Trucks can drive your business. 

Stay tuned for more success stories from See Me Rolling!
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