How See Me Rolling Helped Shipley Energy Build Brand Recognition in a New Market

Shipley Energy’s expanding footprint in new markets led to a need to build their brand recognition. Laura Greenholt, Vice President of Marketing, provides why See Me Rolling was the perfect partner to help propel Shipley Energy’s advertising goals and brand awareness.

The Story of Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy, a fourth-generation family-owned energy business, has been providing award-winning service to homeowners and businesses in the Northeast for over 90 years. They provide both heat to keep families warm and fuel to power businesses.  More specifically, Shipley Energy provides electricity, heating oil, natural gas, propane, HVAC services, wholesale fuels and gasoline. They are also a business with many accolades, including being a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite, winner of Best of York and Hanover, and a Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania.

Why Shipley Energy Chooses See Me Rolling

Shipley Energy recently acquired several heating and cooling businesses in Berks and Montgomery Counties.

“We were looking for a way to grow positive brand recognition in those areas. We didn’t have the budget to do a huge billboard or mailing campaign, but this was a quick and effective way for us to get more eyeballs on our brand." - Laura Greenholt, Shipley Energy

In addition to their focus on brand recognition in their new markets, Shipley Energy was also running a giveaway and partnered with See Me Rolling. Laura continued, “We liked that we could put a QR code on there for anyone walking by to engage with it and that music could be played from the mobile billboard to grab attention.”

How did See Me Rolling Respond

“Jamie [See Me Rolling’s Managing Partner] is great to work with and very accommodating,” shared Laura. See Me Rolling suggested the days of the week and specific locations that would provide the most density for foot traffic. Once the strategy is developed and agreed upon, “the process is very simple - all we needed to do was provide the graphics,” provided Laura. Shipley Energy had two campaigns running at the same time, and See Me Rolling ran both graphics, which were alternated on their mobile LED billboard trucks.

The Results

Shipley Energy used a QR code for their campaign across their full marketing strategy, so while they weren’t able to provide unique performance for their mobile LED efforts, research has shown that mobile billboard advertising provides an immersive and memorable experience for consumers. In fact, Nielsen research conducted in 2020 shared by the OAAA (Out of Home Advertising Association of America) shows nearly two-thirds of digital out-of-home advertising viewers engage in at least one measured action after seeing a digital billboard. This includes visiting an advertiser’s website and searching for them online. Over half of those measured actions by consumers take place on their mobile devices. 

Shipley Energy found immeasurable value in the pictures and footage of their campaign’s mobile billboards in action. “It was pretty cool for morale, too, when a team member in the area passed by and took a picture of it. They got a kick out of seeing our brand in that way,” added Laura. In addition to See Me Rolling delivering two successful campaigns for Shipley Energy, they were very pleased by some value adds See Me Rolling also provided. 

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