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Our clients in Pennsylvania represent a diverse range of industries because our LED and Static Mobile Billboard Trucks have nearly-unlimited appeal.

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Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania

A region populated with three million people, LED and Static Mobile Billboard Trucks are a highly effective way to build your business’ brand recall and advertise for events in Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania. 

See Me Rolling has run campaigns for clients in Pittsburgh and the Laurel Highlands, including Cornerstone Care. We combine our knowledge of the area with proven strategies to drive the most impact for our clients. 

Most Targeted Areas:



Cranberry Township


New Kensington





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Pinpoint Location Advertising

See Me Rolling's LED and Static Mobile Billboard Trucks park and drive in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland and have run campaigns for clients all across the Mid-Atlantic region and along the East Coast. We collaborate with our clients to develop a custom location strategy rooted in meeting your target audience in the specific spaces and moments that make sense. We go where they are, when they are there, and deliver can’t miss messaging.

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